Our Products

From years of relentless year round testing HND has experienced nearly all of the inherent design and material flaws associated with gear in today’s market. Improved seams, better stitching, more durable fabrics, Kevlar, and reinforced boots have culminated in High ’N Dry’s products.

If you have felt that your waders have let you down one too many times and demand more from an essential product like your chest waders, it’s time to make the switch to High ‘N Dry.

Take the Wader Challenge, stop making excuses and demand more from an essential outdoor product.  A product that will make or break your experience when trying to capitalize on harvesting meat for the table and making memories with the people you choose to spend your time with.

It’s time to stop being a follower and settling for what everyone else is doing and be a leader to demand better and purchase a product that is used 100% by the manufacturer and designers every day and not board room executives.  Accept the challenge and make the change, then let your fellow waterfowler’s, fishermen, workers, know you demand perfection.