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Work Hard, Play Hard, Stay Dry!


High ‘N Dry. Work Hard, Play Hard, Stay Dry!

Quality, Durability, Comfort.

Created by true watermen, High ‘N Dry waders and jackets protect you from the elements.

Brian Terry and Ian McNair, founders of High ’N Dry (HND) have devoted countless research hours in developing the ultimate Industrial Grade Chest Waders for the working waterman, the consummate hunter, avid surf fisherman, or the simple novice who wishes to stay warm and keep dry when enjoying their outdoor adventures.

Historically, manufacturers of chest waders were more focused on design techniques with retail price points dictating the construction parameters. HND disregarded that mindset and focused 100% on the end user to improve construction, quality, and comfort to maximize the experience and exceed the expectations of the person who depends on their gear to keep them dry and comfortable in the toughest conditions.

Team HND products were proudly originated in the harsh and demanding environment of the Aquaculture Industry strictly out of necessity. Established manufacturers were reluctant to take on the developmental challenges required to satisfy the needs of the industrial wader market. Brian began his journey after extensive first-hand experience with cold feet, wet pants, and a numb body due to leaking seams, failed zippers and sub-par fabric. There had to be a solution for the inadequate products that constantly failed him and his respected crew.

Staying out of the public eye and not rushing to market, High ’N Dry waders earned the respect and confidence from multiple industries before entering the recreational world of duck hunting with ultimate goal of being fully satisfied with the durability and quality of our gear.

Through careful evaluation and experience with existing gear in today’s market, along with in-depth research of manufacturing techniques High ‘N Dry offers industry leading quality and ruggedness. High ’N Dry has been able to utilize cutting edge engineering capabilities and construction techniques combined with forward thinking design to create a trusted and reliable brand with their breathable waders and neoprene waders.

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