What makes HND different? 

We had exhausted ourselves and our wallets constantly replacing the recreational grade products available in the marketplace for decades! Fed up with coming back to the dock wet, a lack of product innovation and design, we set out to create a different kind of Wader Company. Designed and tested in the punishing environment and daily abuse of the aquaculture industry, Brian and Ian created the first industrial grade wader. Rather than focus on cutting costs and the bottom line, we focus on what is most important; quality, comfort, and keeping ourselves and you dry. We did not reinvent the wader; instead we sourced the best abrasion resistant fabrics, seam sealers, seam sealing technologies, stitching methods, rubber boots, and quality components that have one goal; to survive another day. We provide a top quality product that we have personally tested and wear year round, and a product that we fully believe in.


What is your warranty?
High ‘N Dry warrants our products to be free from manufacturer’s defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year from the purchase date. If your product is defective please contact sales@hndoutdoors.com to request a return authorization form. After evaluation, we will determine if your product is defective, and if so, we will repair or replace your product at our discretion. A valid sales receipt is required for warranty claims. High ‘N Dry is not responsible for packages lost in transit, so we recommend obtaining a tracking number and insuring your package.

Warranty covers manufacturer’s defects only; damaged gear, punctures, tears, rips, cuts, alteration, accidents and normal wear and tear are not covered. Proper care and maintenance is required. This warranty is limited to recreational use only. Any commercial use, including but not limited to, farming, agriculture, and aquaculture is not covered by our warranty.

High ‘N Dry shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages.


I punctured my waders, how do I fix them?
Puncturing your waders is something we all have dealt with, and will continue to deal with, so a quick repair is important. For a small, hard to find hole, we recommend drying the wader and then spraying alcohol on the exterior in the general area of the leak. Turn your wader inside-out and look on the interior. The alcohol will show through where the leak is.

There are a variety of patching agents, we recommend 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant 5200 Fast Cure for leaks both small and large. Apply a generous portion of 5200 on the hole, then rub in a circular motion to spread out the sealant. Create a sealant area approximately twice the size of the hole. Slicing your boot on sharp objects like oyster shells can happen. 5200 will do the job on the boot just as well as it does on the uppers of the wader.


Your day is complete, what to do with your waders?
Cleaning, drying, and storing your waders is another part of keeping them conditioned to provide you long lasting performance. We recommend that you wash the exterior of your wader thoroughly every day when finished working or playing. Once cleaned, hang them upside down by the boot to allow them to dry inside and outside.

A boot dryer is a great way to dry and warm your waders overnight before another hunt, or before seasonal storage.


Are your boots warm enough?
A boot needs to be comfortable, to walk in and to keep out the cold and wet. By using dual product technology of neoprene and Thinsulate™ we feel that we have achieved both.

First, we use a reinforced 55% natural rubber for our exterior boot construction. Second, we line the entire interior of the boot with 2.5mm of neoprene rubber for both comfort and warmth. Most other boots are lined with a thin layer of non-insulating polyester that does not provide the added support and warmth. In addition to the neoprene, the entire foot is then surrounded by 400 grams of Thinsulate. The Thinsulate™ plus neoprene provides the equivalent of over 650 grams of Thinsulate in the boot to ensure warmth and comfort.


I want to order, but I’m not sure what size
We recommend that you order true to size, and half sizes order up. Our boots will have a little more room than your tennis shoes, which means you will have some space for a thick winter sock.

Due to the fact that we want our waders to fit as comfortably as possible we offer a Regular, Stout, and Tall size. When ordering the appropriate size for you, please begin with your regular shoe size, and then decide if you need a longer inseam (Tall) or more room in the chest (Stout). Our size chart is below to assist you in your decision. Since our entire wader is made by hand, we do allow at least 1” variance on all measurements. Please e-mail sales@hndoutdoors.com if you have any additional questions and we will assist in any way possible. Click the links below for our size charts.

Breathable Wader

Neoprene Wader

Neoprene Jacket


My waders don’t fit.
We understand that all people are built differently! Returns are accepted within 30 days for waders that have not been worn outdoors. Please contact sales@hndoutdoors.com for a return authorization form.


Additional Questions?

Please feel free to contact us at sales@hndoutdoors.com and either Brian or Ian will respond to you personally.